Welcome to my brand new site! (Yes, that exclamation point is 100% warranted; I am excited!) This is meant to be a simple platform to share the projects I am working on with the few of you who know this site exists, and—let's be honest—have probably already seen most of this stuff before. BUT, now you can do so from the comfort of your own home without me leaning over your shoulder, breathing in your ear.  

I am a sucker for fantasy books; somewhere along the line, I suckered myself into trying to write a few. After 10 years of general wheel-spinnery, they are all in varying states of never-being-quite-done, but I enjoy it and it pays the bills. (Ha! Just kidding!) When I am 85 and they are all very-nearly-but-still-not-quite-done, maybe I will finally manage to sell one of them to offset the expensive treatment for my self-inflicted carpal tunnel, but until then, posting the occasional this-or-that online will have to suffice. And when I DO finish a new book or an illustration once every 3 to 7 years, the *breaking news* will be posted here first, so check back twice a day.

Two of my books are available to download, another will be ready later this year, and a bunch of the illustrations are finished, but all that info is posted on the other pages—see the Menu bar above.

For now, your choice is simple: plunge forward boldly into uncharted oceans of pure imagination... or go watch videos of cats in pirate costumes. You know what you have to do. (I'll be here when you get back.)