My name is Jeff Evans. I was born in Glen Ellyn, Illinois; I live in Glen Ellyn, Illinois; I will probably die in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I am 32 years old. I like to write.

My Lifelong Mission is to become the Greatest Fantasy Author Since Tolkien (or Lewis, on Sundays.) Fingers crossed, I hope to write and illustrate a new book each year until I get arthritis. However, since I concocted this Grand Plan, I am about 5 books behind schedule. (Take that, Plans!) I like other stuff, too, like reading books, but it would be inappropriate to talk about that sort of thing on a site dedicated to storytelling and artwork. 

I have been writing steadily for ten years and I am finally starting to get the hang of it. During the last few years I self-published two novels (Riverlilly online and as a paperback; Pence online only—a process from which I learned what a rookie I truly am) although my goal is to partner with a traditional publishing house so I don't have to do all the legwork. That ambition has been on the back burner for about four years as I write my current novel, The Alleys of Olde Architecture, but I am beginning to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Alleys of Olde Architecture should be done later this year. I am hopeful I can attract an agent and a publisher during 2017, although it is uncommon for a first-time author to successfully sell a 1,000 page manuscript, so I may have to make the font really, really small. Over the next few years I plan to publish a revamped third edition of Riverlilly, complete the artwork for Pence and get that printed up as a paperback, and finish editing a fourth book I have drafted and transform it into an international bestseller. Beyond that, I have a half-dozen more books floating around in the empty space between my ears, formless, half-planned, impatiently waiting for their turn to break out of my skull and take over my life.

I am as excited for the challenges ahead as I am dedicated to making this dream a reality, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share these things I love with you.