King of the Mountain

This page is here to showcase King of the Mountain, a board game I am designing, which, like the other Great Big Project of my life—my book—may never be finished.

In a nutshell, King of the Mountain is a one-of-a-kind (because I don't anticipate ever having enough spare time to make a second version) 2-4 player game that is loosely a mishmash between Parcheesi, Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, maybe a little Dungeons & Dragons, some Grimm Fairy Tales, and an old board game called The Enchanted Forest that I adored as a kid.

If I can ever rope enough willing participants in to give it a try, players will take turns trying to maneuver one of their six clansmen to the mountaintop in the middle of the board—which is when the real fun begins. In too many games (Parcheesi, Sorry, Trivial Pursuit) the first player to reach the goal—the 'winner'—is kicked out of the action, while everyone else (the 'losers') play on, laughing and making merry. Some reward! In King of the Mountain, when you win the Throne, you will begin a long, ruthless campaign to eliminate the rest of your smirking opponents from the game (think Monopoly, and you just built hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place) until you are the last man standing. There is a lot more to it, of course, including a treasure chest full of gold and silver (and a wide-ranging economy, like Monopoly, but better. There are a ridiculous number of little hand-painted wooden tiles (Magical Artifacts) that you can discover to give you a leg-up on your quest, Fate & Fortune cards and Acts of God to spice things up, a dragon, a unicorn, trolls, a witch, a wishing well, a gypsy caravan, mercenaries for hire, and in the in the middle of it all, a 10-inch mountain with a golden throne atop waiting for the strongest and boldest player to stake their claim in history and don the crown.

Can't wait? Me neither! I hope to finish it sometime this year, so if you're coming through Illinois and would like to spend your entire vacation huddled over a board game trying to make sense of a 100+ page rulebook, give me a call!

Production photos (click to enlarge):